Taupaki School has an active enrolment scheme in place and we accept all students who live within our school zone once proof of address has been provided to the school office.  

If you are a homeowner, an original rates/water bill in your name can be used as proof or address.  If you are renting, a copy of your tenancy agreement and a bank statement showing 4 consecutive rental payments will be needed as proof of address.

For planning purposes, if you live in our school zone and are looking at starting your child with us, please notify the school office when your child turns 4 years of age and we will add them to our enrolment database.

For students who are starting school for the very first time (Year 0/ Year 1), our Head of New Entrants will get in touch with you, approx. 4-6 weeks prior to your child’s birthday.  They will let you know important information about starting school such as visit dates, the name of your child’s teacher and what class they will be joining.  During these visits you will get a chance to meet your child’s teacher, discuss any queries you may have and receive a stationery list.

You are welcome to call the office and make an appointment with the Principal if you have further enrolment queries or if you would like a tour of the school.

We will be starting cohort entry in 2024.  Once your child has turned 5 years of age, they can start school at the next intake date.  The term intake dates are set by the Ministry of Education.  The first day of each term is an intake date and there is a second one midway through each term.  Please see dates below:

2024 Start Dates

Term 1

Wednesday 7th February

Monday 11th March

Term 2

Monday 29th April

Tuesday 4th June

Term 3

Monday 22nd July

Monday 26th August

Term 4

Monday 14th October

Monday 18th November

If you have any questions in regards to New Entrant enrolments or our cohort start dates, please don’t hesitate to email the school office at office@taupaki.school.nz or by phone on 8109855.