Our school is in a beautiful setting but on a busy road - the start and end of the day need to be managed by staff to ensure the safety of everyone. Please read the details below.

Bus Bay

Our Technology Centre has pupils arriving from other schools by bus. The buses must have instant access to the Bus Bay.  Parents should use this as a drop off zone... but please do not park and leave your car as this causes frustration for the bus drivers and for other parents who cannot get kerb access to drop off or collect their children.

Collecting Children After School

Children are asked to wait for their parents in the bus bay area or near the rear car park, where a teacher supervises.  You may stop at the bus bay to pick them up, or park in the parent parking area in Cottle Road (by the Kindy and the Tennis Courts) or the rear car park if there are spaces.

The bus bay, the area outside the Library, is extremely busy between 3.00pm and 3.15 pm. A teacher is on duty to supervise this area. If you pick up your child or children from this spot we ask that you follow these instructions exactly.

Enter the stopping area and, if there is a space available, stop at the kerb. Your child can now get into the car.

Please do not park and leave your car while in this position as it causes congestion. 

The teacher on duty will not allow children to leave the kerb until their parents get a parking space in the correct position, or until parents come to escort them to their cars.

Be ready to move away as soon as possible so that others can get into a parking space. If a car in front of you moves along, please move ahead into the gap.

If you cannot get a park at the kerb, move round the outside (right hand) lane, park up by the turning circle or turn right into Cottle Road. From here you can enter the stopping area again or move up Cottle Road to find a park in the area outside the Tennis courts.

Please do not stop in the outside (right hand lane) of the Bus Bay…  and do not beckon your child to come across to your car from here, because it is extremely dangerous.

For use of the Lower Car park, please follow the signs – in one gate and out the other gate to keep the flow of traffic going.

We ask for your continued cooperation in this very important safety matter.

Cycling to School

In the interest of safety all students 10 years and over need to have the written permission of the Principal to cycle to school. This process will involve a bicycle safety and helmet check, road safety lesson and practical test.

Supervised Crossing

This is at the top of the hill, leading down Waitakere Road - children who cross at this point must wait for the duty teacher to give them permission to cross the road. Children must come to this gate no later than 8:45 in the morning and 3.10pm in the afternoon.