Learning @ Taupaki

At Taupaki, students are challenged each day to succeed in recalling knowledge, working with others, applying new skills, and solving problems

We plan carefully for all subject areas and carefully consider catering for differences within each classroom. 

Our curriculum aims to be progressive, knowledge-rich, evidence based and vibrant and engaging.

At Taupaki, we value all subject areas but ensure that literacy and numeracy are integrated throughout our learning experiences. We strive to ensure that each child leaves the school reading at or above their chronological age, and with mathematical skills that will enable them to have choice in their future education.  We aim for one hour a day of learning and instruction in each of the key areas of reading, writing and maths, most of this is explicit teaching in this subject area but it can also look like integration into our other subject areas. eg - elements of mathematics in a science lesson and literacy in a history lesson. 

Our other curriculum areas are designed into a two year overview to ensure we cover the curriculum and that knowledge is progressive and cumulative as students move through the years.

What are the students learning about in Science, Social Studies and Health in 2024?

Piwakawaka team will be learning about Magnificent Beasts, Hygiene and the Body, Ancient Civilisations, Jiggle and Jive,  Basic science concepts (Floating and Sinking), Healthy Eating, Products at the Supermarket and Aotearoa/NZ history.

Tui team will be learning about Space (starry, starry night),  Water Safety,  Dance and Drama, Ancient Civilisations, Cyber Safety, Science (Electric avenue), Producers and consumers and Aotearoa/NZ history.

Kererū team will be learning about Natural Disasters (Shake, Rattle and Roll), Cyber Safety, Migration, Arts intensive, Simple Machines and Physics,  Hauora Health focus, Fair trade and sustainability. 

Kahu team will be learning about Oceania Sustainability, Cyber safety,  Government today and yesterday, Expression through the Arts, Inventions (Clever Contraptions), Puberty, 

Te Tiriti o Waitangi, Consumerism and Ethics.

We are also committed to delivering strong Health and PE programmes based on our consultation with the community every 2 years - the well-being of our students and staff is an integral part of our planning and programmes.


The Taupaki Learning Model

At times in our learning students will be guided to follow the inquiry process, when they do we follow the Taupaki Learning Model.

New Zealand Curriculum Subject Areas

Learning Areas

There are 8 learning areas (or subject areas) in The New Zealand Curriculum: