Learning @ Taupaki

At Taupaki, students are challenged each day to succeed in recalling knowledge, working with others, applying new skills, and solving problems

We have calm and purposeful classrooms that have a consistent culture based on working hard, relating to others and learning from mistakes. Warm relationships based on genuine mutual respect are fostered and help students to thrive and feel confident about their learning.

Staff work hard to plan lessons that consider the role of memory, knowledge and understanding in learning, giving students a strong sense of success and achievement as they progress and the knowledge sticks. Staff are also skilled at adding that touch of magic and wonder into lessons to engage our young people and leave them wanting more.

At Taupaki, we value literacy and numeracy, and strive to ensure that each child leaves the school reading at or above their chronological age, and with mathematical skills that will enable them to have choice in their future education.  We are also committed to delivering strong Health and PE programmes based on our consultation with the community every 2 years - the well-being of our students and staff is an integral part of our planning and programmes.

Diversity is valued at our school. We cater for differences within each classroom. Children with special needs and abilities are identified using a variety of criteria and appropriate measures are taken.

To support students to reflect on their learning, we explicitly teach both the Taupaki Learner Profile and the Taupaki Learning Model, which we use to guide the inquiry learning process.

The Taupaki Learner Profile

It is also important to us that our students are well-rounded, relational and resilient citizens who can contribute their unique skills and passions to the community around them. Our learner profile helps us keep on track with this focus.

The Taupaki Learning Model

We are excited to be implementing a model of learning that guides our student inquiry process. Developed over a year of consultation and workshops, we believe this will help our students further engage with learning, pursue their interests, link to the wider world and see connections between different parts of the curriculum.

New Zealand Curriculum Information


The vision is for young people to be confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners.


Students are encouraged to value:

Learning Areas

There are 8 learning areas (or subject areas) in The New Zealand Curriculum:

The values and competencies in the New Zealand Curriculum are woven into these learning areas. They are designed to encourage enjoyment of learning and the ability to think critically, manage oneself, set goals, overcome obstacles and get along with others – the attributes students need to succeed as adults.