Information and communication with parents and caregivers is important to us at Taupaki School. Below is some general information about how we operate and more specific information can be found in our website menu items. The weekly newsletter will also keep you informed.


When a child is absent from school, a note must be sent stating the reason for absence when he/she returns. This is in addition to notifying us by phone. This is necessary for our records and is a Ministry of Education requirement.

When notifying the school office of absences or lateness, parents are asked to advise the office before 9.00am if your child is going to be absent for that day (unless you have already indicated the absence will be longer). We ask parents to use their Hero App to notify the school of their child's absence or to text absences to 3255. Text Taupaki (space) child’s name and reason for absence. We take attendance electronically and where we have an absence with no notification a text message will be sent to the parents cell phone.

Access Agreements and Court Orders

It is important to inform the classroom teacher if there are any access agreements in force that affect your children. In any and all cases we need a copy of the agreement or court orders for our records. We are happy to make arrangements for non- custodial parents to receive copies of school reports and/or newsletters.

Accidents / Sick Children

Children injured or taken ill will be treated appropriately and parents notified where necessary. It is important the school has updated contact numbers for those occasions. Parents are required to notify the school when their child is suffering a contagious condition or has other health problems.

NB:  Aspirin, Disprin or Panadol cannot be administered to pupils at any time.

Schools can be breeding grounds for infections if sick children are sent to school. Please keep unwell children at home.

It is important that we have accurate records of your home, work, and mobile numbers as well as doctor and other emergency numbers. If you change any of these contact details please make notifying the school your first priority.

Addressing Concerns

We all want the best for our children. There will be times when you have concerns or questions and we encourage you to see your child’s class teacher as a first port of call. We value open communication and pledge to keep you informed about any concerns we have.

We have a complaints procedure you can follow here.

After School Care

Both before school and after school care is available through SKIDS. Please contact the office for more information. More information here


Full School Assemblies are held every Friday at 9.00am. This is a time to celebrate the week’s events and the success of our students. Our classrooms take turns in running assemblies. We have the assembly at this time to promote parent attendance. Parents are very welcome and indeed encouraged to attend.

Bus Bay

Our Technology Centre has pupils arriving from other schools by bus. The buses must have instant access to the Bus Bay.  Parents should use this as a drop off zone, please do not park and leave your car as this causes frustration for the bus drivers and for other parents who cannot get kerb access to drop off or collect their children.

Cycling to School

In the interest of safety all students 10 years and over need to have the written permission of the Principal to cycle to school. This process will involve a bicycle safety and helmet check, road safety lesson and practical test.

Dental Therapist

If you have not already received  free dental care through your pre school, you will be contacted after enrolment by Westgate Children’s Community Clinic.

Ph 08004336825 or 09 442 7129.

Dress code

Student Dress Code at Taupaki School

We do not have a uniform at Taupaki School. 

However we do have a set of guidelines about what students should and should not be wearing based on health and safety and appropriate school wear.

Sun smart

During term 1 and 4 all students must wear the Taupaki sun hat or a wide brimmed sun hat when outside. Taupaki hats are available to buy at the office.

Students should be wearing tee-shirts as opposed to spaghetti straps to protect themselves from the sun.

Being appropriate

Dress appropriate for the situation - learning and playing at school

Offensive slogans on tee-shirts are not accepted and an alternative tee-shirt will be offered for the day.

Jewellery safety

We encourage jewellery to be kept at a minimum at school.

Small studs or sleepers for pierced ears or noses are allowed however - no large hoops, rings or dangly earrings as these can be a risk during sporting and technology activities.

If jewellery is deemed to be dangerous for technology or sports students will be asked to remove it for the activity. 

These rules apply for visiting schools that come to learn at the Taupaki Technology centre.

Correct, enclosed footwear is required for the technology centre.

Certain school trips and camps will have their own dress codes due to health and safety and will be communicated in the trip/camp letters.

Fundraising – Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

We welcome all efforts by parents to raise funds for the school. These funds provide essential resources that are not covered by government funding. Please keep an eye on the newsletter, website and school noticeboard for dates of meetings and fundraising events, especially our term 4 fireworks event. We need your support to provide facilities and resources that your children need.

Home Learning

Home learning is given to support in-class learning and be a vehicle for students to share their learning with their caregivers on a regular basis.

Learning is a shared responsibility between the caregivers, the child and the school. Daily reading at home will be encouraged at all levels.

General Guidelines

Piwakawaka Team Year 1: daily reading and spelling - max 15 mins daily

Piwakawaka Team Year 2: daily reading and spelling - max 20 mins daily

Tui, Kereru and Kahu Teams Year 7/8: max 30 minutes daily

Please contact the classroom teacher, if you or your child is having difficulty with their home learning. Open discussion about home learning beliefs and expectations between parents and teachers is important.

Lost Property

Please encourage your child to look after their clothing at school. If your child has lost clothing please check the Lost Property located in the large cupboard behind the office, adjacent to the staff car park. Any unclaimed clothing will be donated to a worthy charity at the end of the term. Please name articles of clothing because it makes it easier to track down the owners.


Children sit together for the first ten minutes of lunchtime. This enables teachers to supervise the eating time. Rubbish is a constant problem for schools. We have rubbish bins around the school but would ask that all rubbish be taken home. This enables you to monitor what your child is eating. We ask that you refrain from packing lollies or chocolate bars in your child’s lunch. We ask you to also avoid any type of fizzy or energy drink at school. You should also be aware that we have children at school who have severe nut and food allergies. Although we can not and will not ban nut derivative products, we ask that you exercise restraint in this area.

We have two teachers on duty at lunchtime with another teacher running organised sports. In swimming season this is a lunchtime swim.


Any money brought to school should be in a named, sealed envelope with what the purpose of the money written on the outside. It can be given to the classroom teacher who will send it to the office. Payments are accepted at the office during office hours.


If your child requires regular medication administered at school it is essential that you talk with the Office Manager and fill in the Permission to Administer Medication at School form.

Parent Helpers

The assistance of parents in the classroom throughout the day is welcomed and valued, particularly in the Junior School.  If you would like to be a parent helper please talk to the class teacher or contact the office. It is essential that all parents who are visiting school sign in at the office. This is a requirement for Health and Safety purposes.

The Taupaki Way

Engaged behaviour for learning is a focus for all areas of the school and our school programme helps raise behaviour, improve children's well-being, and increase educational achievement. By strengthening relationships and creating more positive home and school environments, we remove barriers to engagement and improve students' chances to achieve at school and beyond. Our programme is based on our school values and keys to success and promotes celebration of positive behaviour. 


Class, individual and family photos are taken every year. Notification is provided in the newsletter.

Smoke Free Environment

Taupaki School is a Smoke Free Environment. Smoking in school buildings and on school grounds is prohibited at all times.

Sun Safe School

Children are encouraged to wear sunblock during the hotter months in the playground and it is mandatory to wear wide brimmed hats in Terms 1 & 4. If hats are not worn then children will be directed to play in the shade areas of the playground. It is school policy that students wear wide brimmed hats. These may be of your choice or you may purchase one in your child’s house colour for $12.

Swimming Pool – Community Pool

During the summer months, families who live in the enrolment zone may purchase a tag at the school office at a cost of $110. This helps to meet the running costs of opening the pool during the holidays and at weekends.