Board members are elected to act on behalf of the school’s community to ensure that the school continuously improves student progress and achievement. 

Board work is primarily about governance of the school. Governance involves setting strategic direction through our vision, core values and strategic goals. Core work of the board includes setting targets and tracking student progress. This also includes regular review of curriculum areas. The board monitors financial expenditure of the school and sets a yearly budget. We also establish long term property plans and prioritize property projects with allocated funds.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for ensuring the school complies with all legal directives made by the government and the Ministry of Education. This is done by ensuring we have robust policies and procedures in place. There is a clearly documented line between board work and management work. Boards of trustees govern (oversee management) and principals manage the school. It is not the role of the Board of Trustees to be involved in the day-to-day operation of the school, this is the responsibility of the principal and the school staff.

Kim Cullum  -  Board Chair

Christina Robertson  -  Principal

Ryan Bunting  -  Elected Board Member

Ryan is a lifelong resident of West Auckland, he works as a senior police officer at Henderson where he has been stationed over the past 15 years.

Ryan has two children currently attending Taupaki School. As a parent representative on the Board he brings his knowledge and experience of public sector governance and strategic leadership to the role. 

Andrea Noonan  -  Elected Board Member 

The Noonan family have been in the Taupaki school community for the last 6 years, during which I have been actively involved with daily activities within the school and events organised through the PTA.

 I have a commercial background as a retail buying manager and bring those skills, plus my experience as a mum of three and former staff member to support our school.

 Our family loves the community feel of Taupaki School and I believe that success can come from listening to the community and our teachers.

Joshua Brodie - Elected Board Member

Joshua is a Secondary School teacher and leader with more than twenty years’ experience. He is currently the Director of English Language Learning at Diocesan School for Girls in Epsom, and also worked for many years at Massey High School as the Head of ESOL. Joshua has two children, both of whom attend Taupaki School. 


Joshua and his whānau value the nurturing and educationally robust environment of Taupaki School. As a Board member, he brings practical and extensive knowledge of the education sector. He is outcomes-driven and people-focused, and is proud to be serving the Taupaki community. 

Kyle Morris  -  Elected Board Member

  Penny Rollinson  -  Staff Representative

I was born and grew up in Pukekohe and have lived in the west for the last 25 years, teaching at schools in the area as well as a 3 year period in the United Kingdom. I have had the pleasure of working with the staff, students and whānau of Taupaki School since 2018, and now have the privilege of serving the community as the Staff Representative on the Board.

Working with all age groups of students - as a Team Leader, a Maths Support Specialist and a Within School Lead - has given me a broad range of experience to bring to the role, and I am passionate about being a part of a great team that can take Taupaki school into the future with strength and vitality. 


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2022 Annual Report

Annual Report 2023

Annual Plan 2023



From time to time the Board, Staff and School Community review policies and procedures. This gives all stakeholders the opportunity to have a say in how certain aspects of the school and currculum are managed. 

When required to do so, you will be notified in the newsletter of which policy we are reviewing and you can access the SchoolDocs website and review the policy and leave comment where appropriate.

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