Agricultural Day

 2024 -Friday September 27

Newsletter- information for Ag. Day 2023

Ag. Day

We look forward to Ag. Day every year- we go ahead rain or shine- so bring your gumboots and rain coat. Students and families start planning for Ag. Day in term 3, thinking about what to bring and also start animal training.

Below is an outline of what the day looks like. If you have further questions or thoughts, please contact the office.

Thursday 26 September: Horticultural exhibits prepared and placed in display areas in the hall. (sand saucers, vaseline saucers, floral arrangements, unusual floral containers, miniature gardens, recycled critters).There will also be a photo competition. A time to catch your pet in its cheekiest or cutest pose. These will be displayed and judged on the Thursday. The photo must be taken by the student.

Friday 27 September:

Sausage sizzle- $2, Hot chocolate $3, Coffee $4.

8:45-9:15          Pets arrive and taken to designated areas

9:15 ‘ish            Judging starts. Students may go with parents to watch judging , view exhibits and visit the classrooms that have animals in them.

11:00 ‘ish           Fun races (sack, three legged, gumboot throwing). Final judging.

12:00-12:30        Presentation ceremony

12:30:1:30          Lunch. Parents may take students home, once they have signed out with the teacher.

Lamb and Goat Judging Criteria:

Calf Judging Criteria

Dog Judging Criteria

Other animals- caged

Chickens, fish, birds, frogs, spiders, pet rocks and socks.....

Take these to classrooms

No cats

Hall Exhibits- these are prepared the day before- themed miniature garden, vaseline saucer, sand saucer, floral arrangement, recycled critters, unusual container

Criteria for judging horticultural exhibits

Our hall always looks and smells amazing

Pet or landscape photos

Once the lamb, goat and calf judging is done, we have egg and spoon, wheelbarrow and three legged races, organsied by our senior students