At Taupaki School we work closely with families to ensure learning needs are identified early and support put into place, often in conjunction with an Individual Education Plan. This is intended to enable all pupils to have an equal opportunity for success at school.

The Leadership Team and Learning Support Coordinator work alongside the Ministry and other agencies to collaboratively respond to the needs of our learners. 

Our Learning support team works both within classes and also provides extra support programmes.


A small group literacy intervention to assist with reading and spelling skills, with lessons providing fluency practice, comprehension, vocabulary instruction and writing. Also used to support learners for whom English is a second or other language. (ESOL)


Steps is an effective, easy-to-use computer-based literacy development programme that is used at a number of levels across the school. It develops the core skills needed for reading and spelling. StepsWeb caters for all students, but is also ideal for dyslexic and other struggling learners.

Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is a proven early intervention for literacy learning. It is designed to help young readers and writers catch up with their classmates through intensive one-to-one support.

Senior Literacy

We provide small group support for Seniors based on structured literacy and ‘The Code’, which includes explicit and systematic teaching of phonological awareness, the alphabetic principle, syllable types and morphology. Lessons are targeted to specific areas of need.

Maths Support 

Small group support for numeracy knowledge is provided where a need has been identified. This involves practicing counting, sequencing and basic facts through games and activities.

If you have any further questions please contact our Learning Support Co-ordinator- Michelle Fraser