When a child is absent from school, a note must be sent stating the reason for absence when he/she returns. This is in addition to notifying us by phone. This is necessary for our records and is a Ministry of Education requirement.

When notifying the school office of absences or lateness, parents are asked to advise the office before 9.00am if your child is going to be absent for that day (unless you have already indicated the absence will be longer). Where possible we ask parents to text absences to 3255. Text Taupaki (space) child’s name and reason for absence. We take attendance electronically and where we have an absence with no notification a text message will be sent to the parents cell phone.

Accidents/Sick Children

Children injured or taken ill will be treated appropriately and parents notified where necessary. It is important the school has updated contact numbers for those occasions. Parents are required to notify the school when their child is suffering a contagious condition or has other health problems.

NB:  Aspirin, Disprin or Panadol cannot be administered to pupils at any time.

Schools can be breeding grounds for infections if sick children are sent to school. Please keep unwell children at home.

It is important that we have accurate records of your home, work, and mobile numbers as well as doctor and other emergency numbers. If you change any of these contact details please make notifying the school your first priority.