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Our Core Values

Our Vision

Our Children will develop a variety of thinking skills & habits and capacity to know when and where to use them.


We will have a collaborative Home and School partnership. 


We will have a stimulating physical environment that enhances student learning.


We will deliver quality, targeted education programmes for our junior, middle and senior students... 

             Personal Best
              Kia eke ki to taumata
     Akoranga produce positive well rounded children who reach their potential.

At Taupaki School, Students, Staff, BOT, Parents and the Community are all vital contributors to the life and work of the school. Their contributions ensure that we perform at the highest levels possible. We communicate openly; making sure that the shared vision is paramount. Above all else we have a strong belief in oursleves and reflect upon what we do. We want to be here because Taupaki has strong purpose and lives its core values of nurture, respect, personal best and learning.


Engaged teachers and children use 21st Century tools to support learning. Thinking skills and creativity are taught and valued. Our programmes make us leaders in education. Teaching spaces are designed to maximise learning for all children. Our teachers are encouraged to grasp the teachable moment, drawing on topics and events that happen to our children in our school and wider community. There is a sense of fun, the sound of laughter and an infectious love of learning which is obvious to all. 


Superior levels of literacy and numeracy reflect our dedication to these key building blocks of learning. Taupaki students are respectful and tolerant of individual differences; they understand that each person brings a variety of capabilities and strengths resulting in positive outcomes for all. Our children have high self-esteem, they have pride in all that they do and have a strong belief in their ability to learn in any context. Our emotional environment is one where we all feel safe; we have no tolerance for bullying. Our children are stimulated by all that is around them, and most importantly by people modelling a passion for learning. We aim to give students experiences so that they can learn by doing, making sure that these experiences are relevant, purposeful and real. Our children will always seek opportunity to learn and we provide students with as many learning opportunities and choices as possible. 


Our school is visually stunning, it is beautifully planned and most importantly it ‘works’ for us. It is functional because we have input into all aspects of design. We value space, both inside and out. Taupaki is at one with nature and the environment. We develop lifestyle skills and reduce our impact on the environment through sustainable practices. Teachers and students have a great respect for their physical environment because they have taken a positive role in caring for it.


Professional learning is the key to ensure that we are innovative. School wide, team and individual learning pathways enable us to personalise learning for our students. Leadership is a key feature of our school. Great leadership abounds in all areas from students to teachers. A mentoring system is in place to maintain continuity and develop leadership capacity. Succession and promotion of leaders is important. Quality family time is valued. We support our staff and enable them to attend conferences and events that contribute to our shared picture of learning. Our teachers lead balanced lives with an effervescence that our children feed from.


We use data to assess progress and promote further learning. Learning intentions are measurable and linked to learning outcomes. Data is communicated effectively so that parents can understand what this means for their child. Students must own their learning as they strive to become reflective, self-regulating and self-motivated.Taupaki School lives its values and beliefs. We love learning and value different perspectives. As a result, we are open to alternative ways of doing things and we listen to all points of view. We are collaborative. We care about each other: a trusting, caring, supportive bond exists between us all. Our children’s best interests are always at the forefront of our minds. We take the education of our students seriously, and most importantly, we nurture and inspire.




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