Learning Support Programmes

Taupaki School provides the following programmes for children who have special learning needs.

​Review and Assessment 

Access to any programme requires consultation with, and approval from the school's Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) to ascertain student needs and priority. Once this process has been carried out, the following programmes may become available to identified students.

Research shows, interventions are best in short, intensive periods. Therefore, apart from Reading Recovery, students will be reviewed each term. Any child enrolled in these programmes must have regular attendance in order to take full advantage of the extra support offered to them.

Reading Recovery 

An individual daily literacy programme available only for 6-7 year old students in Year 2, with particularly low reading scores. Runs Monday to Friday with 30 minute sessions. These students receive 1 on 1 literacy instruction from a specially trained teacher for approximately 20 weeks (or 100 hours) with the goal being to accelerate the pupil until they are reading at chronological age by the end of that time. Regular attendance is essential for this intervention.

Quick 60

A small group literacy programme targeted at students who need extra support to bridge the gap between themselves and their same age peers in terms of their reading ability. This group is facilitated by the Learning Assistants and the 45 minute sessions run over three days of the week.

Reading Mileage

One-on-one reading support with a Learning Assistant to build reading mileage. That allows a student to practice and integrate the reading skills and strategies they are learning in their classrooms.

Speech / Language Therapy  Years 1-3

Some individualised instruction may be provided by Ministry appointed speech therapists who visit the school. Learning assistants often play a supporting role here, by facilitating small group sessions aimed at increasing the opportunities that students have to practice aspects of spoken language (for example, the pronunciation of specific sounds and words .


This is a programme to accelerate progress in Mathematics – specifically number knowledge. Sessions are run for 20 to 30 minutes , a few days a week and are taken by the Learning Assistants. Each session covers counting, ordering, sequencing, making, dictation, basic facts, games and regular assessment. Students complete up to a term of COSMDBRICS at any one time. Children will be selected for this programme if the class teacher has concerns about their mathematics, based on a range of assessments.