Agricultural Day Information
Friday 21 October 2022

Ag. Day is a whole day event held at Taupaki School where children can show off their pets, creations and photography.

 Students may enter horticultural exhibits as well as lambs, goats, dogs, poultry, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, aquatics, amphibians or pet rocks. 

Due to numbers, only students from Y4 upwards may enter a dog. The dog must be directly supervised at all times, have water and plastic bags for clean up.

There will be no cats this year, as we found that many of them get too stressed.

If students choose to put together a miniature garden this year it will need to be aligned to a book title. For those of you who are new to Ag. Day, students assemble a variety of horticultural exhibits/ junk critters on the Thursday before Ag. Day, so that they can be judged overnight. Your teachers will fill you in on the details. Click here for the horticultural exhibit criteria.

We go ahead rain or shine, the animals don’t mind.

Lamb Judging Criteria

- Wool class

- Leading and handling

- Best cared for

- High Jump

(each section is worth 10 points)

Calf Judging Criteria

- Leading and handling

- Best cared for

- Champion Dairy OR

- Champion Beef

(each section is worth 10 points)

Goat Judging Criteria

- Leading and handling

- Most obvious pet

- Rearing and grooming

- High Jump

(each section is worth 10 points)

Dog Judging Criteria

- Grooming

- Knowledge of dog care

- Handling

- Dog/child relationship

(each section is worth 10 points)

Other animals that can be entered include poultry, amphibians, rabbits, guinea pigs, aquatics, mice and rats.  The judges will be looking for the best dressed cage, friendliest and most well cared for pet.

On the Thursday before Ag Day the children create two non living exhibits (Piwakawaka a minimum of one). All children need to bring from home the resources they need to made their creations. Students may ask parents to pre-drill metal or wooden articles for the junk critters for easier assemblage at school.They should aim to enter at least two categories. Exhibits must be put together at school.

There are also two photography competitions. One for photographs of pets and one for landscape photography. These are judged on the composition as well as the skill and age of the photographer.

Organisation Outline

Thursday 20 October: Horticultural exhibits prepared and placed in display areas in the hall. (sand saucers, vaseline saucers, floral arrangements, unusual floral containers, miniature gardens, recycled critters).

There will also be a photo competition. A time to catch your pet in its cheekiest or cutest pose. These will be displayed and judged on the Thursday. The photo must be taken by the student.


Friday 21 October:

8:45-9:15          Pets arrive and taken to designated areas

9:15 ‘ish            Judging starts. Students may go with parents to watch judging or with classes

11:00 ‘ish           Fun races (sack, three legged, gumboot throwing)

12:00-12:30        Presentation ceremony

12:30:1:30          Lunch. Parents may take students home, once they have signed out with the teacher.