Over the school year our students have many opportunities to connect, belong and thrive in our school. Warm relationships based on genuine mutual respect are fostered and thrive in our setting.

- Daily routines install belonging and positive behaviour such as play, values lessons, sports, gardening clubs, music and dance, kapa haka, assemblies, recognition awards and much more. Positive Behaviour is constantly reinforced, taught and caught. 

          Tom Bennett- Reading the Room

- School house system; each child is placed in one of four houses: Pohutukawa, Kauri, Rimu or Kowhai. The house system is designed to encourage interaction across year levels, building on the whanau aspect of the school. It provides leadership opportunities for year eight students who are elected as House Captains for the year. We group families in the same house.

- Leadership is something that we encourage in all areas of the school. Our Student Council has evolved in recent years so that children can take an active role in leadership.


- Community connections with events such as Ag Day, sports days, family picnics and our annual fireworks display are well attended by members of our community. Our PTA plays an integral part of linking our school with our families and the community.

Our school is visually stunning, it is beautifully planned and most importantly it ‘works’ for us. It is functional because we have input into all aspects of design. We value space, both inside and out. Taupaki is at one with nature and the environment. We develop lifestyle skills and reduce our impact on the environment through sustainable practices. Teachers and students have great respect for their physical environment because they have taken a positive role in caring for it.

Our dedicated and talented staff are committed to our students and we will continue to put students first at Taupaki, always working to create a clear sense of belonging as the platform for educational success.  We want to be here because Taupaki has a strong purpose and lives its core values of nurture, respect, personal best and learning.